Götz Artists' House

kuenstlerhaus Goetz

The house

Founded in 2019, the Künstlerhaus focuses on creative activities related to nature, technology and intercultural exchange. The Artist House strives to be a collaborative space where artists can thrive creatively while participating in sustainable living practices. Art and innovation serve to achieve measurable goals, both intellectually for each individual and interpersonally and externally, through collaboration with other locations.

A diverse integration of nature is an essential part of the Künstlerhaus. In addition to the residency program, it is home to a vibrant community of animals and plants. Goats and chickens live on the grounds of the artists' house, while a vegetable garden, beehives and fruit trees create a rich natural environment. These elements not only add to the beauty of the place but also provide residents with the opportunity to connect with nature and sustainable lifestyles to practice.

The vision goes even further. After converting the first floor, the goal is to provide living and working space for up to 20 creative professionals. Particular emphasis is placed on self-sufficient energy and nutritional options in order to promote an environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle. This expanded facility will enable artists to live and work in an inspiring environment that supports their creative expression and personal development.